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You say that you create a “presentation” – what exactly is that?

We specialize in helping you to "tell your story."  If you are a small business trying to differentiate yourself from the competition, there is no better way than with a well produced video of approximately 2-3 minutes in length.  We handle everything start to finish, and we'll even help you develop a Social Media Marketing Plan that gets your story in front of the right potential customers.


I’m not very good on camera – I get nervous and am afraid that would come across.

This is a common fear, but rest assured -- we are experts at creating an environment in which you can simply be yourself!  We'll steer the questions, prompt you with specific benefits of your business, and make sure we get all of the content we need to put your business in it's best light.  On average, we will capture 20 minutes of raw video footage and edit it down to the best 2-3 minutes.

I conduct all the video interviews personally, and I have taught acting and improvisation for ten years.  In addition, I have over 20 years of sales and marketing experience.  Together, we can build a presentation you are not only comfortable with, but excited about.


How long does the process take?

Once we schedule the video interview, you will have a first draft within 7-10 days.


If I don’t like my presentation, can I make changes?

Absolutely!  We include minor editing revisions (fonts/color schemes/sequence) as needed within 30 days.  We can make (1) additional video edit at no charge, providing it utilizes footage from our interview and does not require an additional session.


How is the resolution level on my presentation?

Each presentation will be sent to you in two variations -- as a YouTube link (represented on the Example page of this website), which you can easily sent out in e-mails, and as a 60 MB MP4 file, which is too large to e-mail, but can be used on websites for higher resolution.


Can I upload my presentation to my Facebook Page or Twitter?

Absolutely!  We will help you to maximize your exposure and marketing efforts at no additional cost, and our presentations work very well on social media sites.


How secure is my information?  Will I own the exclusive rights to my presentation?

Don't worry -- all presentations are 100% private and are your property at the end of the process.  Some people may choose to link them to public sites for maximum exposure, while others will choose to send it only to specific companies or individuals.  We keep all presentations for one year in case you need to get another copy of it, at no charge.


Please, feel free to contact us, if we haven't answered your question.  

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